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Why Checking Grammar Is Vital For Me In Article Writing

As I’ve learned from the site: www.flip.pt/FLiP-On-line/Corrector-ortografico-e-sintactico.aspx , proper grammar is essential in article writing. As a writer, that lesson was something I have learned horribly. You see, when I tried to rush the article I was making and I never tried to check the grammar, my client was very disappointed. Even if the topic was right as well as the right number of words, the horrible grammar of the article cannot save it. Thus, my client looked for someone else and cancelled all his orders. All in all, I have to suffer heavily, for I had to look for new clients again. That massive loss persuaded me that I should further improve my grammar skills, especially when it comes to the subject-verb agreement in the English language.

Ever since I was a student, subject-verb agreement never sit in well with me. Although, simple tenses is not that difficult to understand to me, the more complicated rules are a huge problem to me. As a matter of fact, the website www.cityu.edu.hk/elc/iowa/quiz  says that there are certainly quite a lot of verb rules. Still, even I already know these rules now, there’s still a need for me to check all the articles I have made. Each sentence I write will wind up being checked not just once, but twice or thrice in order to make certain that the grammar is correct. After that, I have to recheck it again after completing the article. I would consider the flow of the sentences. I want to make sure that the paragraph and the article itself is holding a story or a message. I need to do this so that readers will not just see words but the message itself. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to check and recheck the sentences and articles I make from time to time.

If I have to meet a certain deadline right away or plenty of articles waiting to be written, then the difficulty increases. Because of this difficulty, I ended up browsing for a solution for this. To my surprise, there is a better approach to do grammar checks and that’s the utilization of grammar check software, and this is what I have learned after visiting www.socketsoftware.com/Products/wordz. It made my work become easier than it used to be. After adapting grammar check practice, I’m happy to find that it became much easier for me to become successful. The success I have was in a position to help me further expand my business and start a business in article writing. So for individuals who aspire to become successful article writers, it would be best for them to visit the site: www.grammarcheck.net.

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